After succesfully operating for many years as a consulting company Algotronix has emerged as a leading supplier of encryption and intellectual property protection IP cores and services for FPGA chips. Our customers include many of the largest defense corporations worldwide as well as government departments and companies in the networking, test equipment and gaming industries. Algotronix encryption IP cores are used in equipment deployed by several NATO countries.

Algotronix' philosophy is quality over quantity: rather than building a wide range of IP cores we set out to do a small number of carefully chosen cores very well. We have initially focussed on the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm and worked hard to make sure that our cores provide the highest levels of performance and area efficiency coupled with great flexibility in implementation options to ensure a good match to customer application requirements. Algotronix backs its encryption product with the level of customer service that only a small company can provide. Technical questions are answered by the engineer who wrote the code. Requests for additional functionality are promptly accommodated either as an update to the standard product or through a design service contract. Our encryption cores are supplied in source code form to allow customers to carry out a full security review. Our confidence in the quality and ease of use of our products also allows us to adopt a risk-free 'try before you buy' business model with an extended evaluation period.

Algotronix was founded by Dr. Tom Kean in 1998 as a spin-out from Xilinx Inc. the largest supplier of FPGA chips. Information on our consulting business and company news can be found on

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