Security IP Cores and Services

With around 100 design-ins across a range of target FPGA technologies Algotronix' Advanced Encryption Standard cores offer a well proven and competitively priced solution. Algotronix AES cores have been selected by many of the largest defense electronics companies and have been deployed by four NATO countries.

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AES Based Random Number Generator Ultra high performance AES-GCM for OTN networks
Implementation of the CTR-DRBG option using the AES cipher in Draft NIST SP-800-90A, Rev 1 (Nov 2014) "Recommendation for Random Number Generation Using Deterministic Random Bit Generators".
This state of the art implementation of the AES-GCM algorithm provides privacy and authentication and can be configured for performance between 25 and 400Gbit/sec performance on modern FPGA devices. The main application is expected to be securing 100Gbit/sec OTN networks.