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Resource Efficient Encryption IP Cores

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), standardized by NIST in 2001 and approved by NSA for classified data, is at the heart of almost all modern data security protocols. With approaching 100 design-ins across a range of target FPGA technologies, Algotronix' Advanced Encryption Standard IP cores offer a well proven and competitively priced solution. Algotronix AES cores have been selected by many of the largest defense electronics companies and have been deployed by four NATO countries.

Unlike our high performance products the resource efficient AES cores are not pipelined or parallelised and support internal data path widths smaller than the 128 bit AES block size. Depending on configuration and target FPGA chip data throughput ranges from tens of megabits per second to low gigabits per second.

As well as AES we now offer an IP core for the GOST (
Kuznyechik) cipher an AES-like cipher standardised in Russia. While AES is definitely the preferred option at this time designing a product with the flexibility to use either the AES or GOST cipher can expand its geographical market and provide a fallback option for customers should the security of AES ever be called into question.

The encryption cores are supplied as a complete package of VHDL or Verilog source code. The IP cores can be targeted at FPGAs from Xilinx, Intel (formerly Altera), Microsemi and Lattice. Source code reduces the cost and complexity of a security audit. It allows customers to confirm that no virus or Trojan code is incorporated and that it cannot be forced into unauthorised states or operations. This can significantly reduce the cost and time to conduct a security audit. Demonstration designs are available which show the cores working on low cost vendor evaluation boards.

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GOST (Kuznyechik Cipher) Core
Price: $5,000.00

Implements the Kuznyechik cipher of the Russian Federation GOST 3412-2015 standard (also available in English as RFC 7801) which replaces the previous 'Magma' algorithm of the GOST 28147-89 standard. The Kuznyechik cipher is structurally similar to AES and has a similar interface making it of interest as a second cipher option in systems which primarily use AES.
ZUC (128-EEA3 and 128-EIA3) Core
Price: $5,000.00

IP core implements the ZUC stream cipher and the 128-EEA3 encryption and 128-EIA3 authentication algorithms based on it which are specified for use in 3GPP cellular communications systems.
Secure Hash Algorithm
Price: $5,000.00

This IP core implements the SHA-256 algorithm specified in FIPS180-4 which is widely used for authenticating messages in communications and can also be used to authenticate stored data and in blockchain algorithms. The implementation is based on the most recent version of the standard from August 2015.
AES Core G2
Price: $5,000.00

Easy to use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Core proving privacy modes.  Product has NIST validation certificate and 32 bit internal datapath width.
AES Core G3
Price: $10,000.00

Flexible Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Core providing privacy modes. Product has a NIST validation certificate and parameterisable internal datapath width to allow a wide range of performance/area tradeoffs.
AES Keywrap Core
Price: $12,000.00

The AES Keywrap algorithm (IETF RFC 3394)  is used to protect cryptographic keys in transit, it is listed as an approved Key Establishment Technique in FIPS 140-2.   This implementation is based on our G3 AES core configured with a 32 bit data path width.
Price: $12,000.00

AES-CCM is the encryption algorithm used in the IEEE802.11 WiFi standards, it provides privacy and authentication of data.  This IP Core implements the algorithm as specified in NIST SP800-38C including 128, 192, 256 bit keys.
AES Based Random Number Generator
Price: $14,000.00

Implementation of the CTR-DRBG option using the AES cipher in Draft NIST SP-800-90A, Rev 1 (Nov 2014) "Recommendation for Random Number Generation Using Deterministic Random Bit Generators".
Price: $14,000.00

The AES-GCM algorithm provides privacy and authentication.  It is used in standard protocols including MACSEC and IPSEC and standardised by NIST as SP800-38D.  This medium speed implementation supports 128, 192 and 256 bit keys.