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AES G2 Data Sheet Platinum (all FPGA vendors)
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Power Analysis Countermeasures and Considerations - Application Note, Public Version
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AES Core Product Licensing FAQ
Do you charge per-use royalties on your products? No, our AES IP core products are sold on a royalty free basis.   What types of licence are available?   We offer single proj
Algotronix and Adaptive Micro-Ware work together to bring secure video IP cores to the market.
Wednesday September 10, 2014 Algotronix Ltd., Edinburgh, UK and Adaptive Micro-Ware, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN announce that they have reached an agreement to co-operate on combining their encryption and
Algotronix releases 40G MACsec product to add security to Ethernet links
Monday, 21 st September 2015 Algotronix Ltd., Edinburgh, UK announces that it has now added a 40G MACsec version to its growing range of intellectual property cores. The Med